This is the real life chronicles of how one woman will make her way.
One precious moment, project, 
struggle, and/or triumph at a time. 
Walk with me as God redeems my story...

Who am I really?

Believer in the grace and goodness of Jesus.
Selah's mommy. 
Craigslist aficionado. 
Aspiring photography genius.
Free spirit confused with needing structure.
Lover of food and kitchen gadgets.
Jack of many trades, master of none.
Faker til I make it. (see above).
Frequent status updater.
Introverted extrovert.
Accessory guru.
Karaoke buff.
Font snob.

I'm convinced that you can learn do just about anything
by googling or you-tubing it.
All things are possible, after all. :)

You can read here to learn why 
this isn't the blog of my dreams
and why I named my blog