Almost a year ago,
I stumbled across The Noonday Collection on someone else's blog.

Noonday in a few words?
Lovely adornments. 
Made by artisans in impoverished nations.
 That receive a fair wage for their handiwork.

Which provides nourishment, housing, schooling, etc 
to those that would otherwise go without
or be robbed of the dignity to use their giftedness
or work harder than any of us could ever manage for barely enough to eat.


Immediately, I felt drawn to the page, the products, and the mission of Noonday.
Not to mention the font and the logo.
{Yes, I'm strange.}

In the middle of my own personal hell,
I knew that this was clearly not the time to jump in to a new endeavor.

Or was it?
I kept compulsively visiting the website.
Reading the stories of these women.
Delighting in the beauty of the goods.
Reveling in how God gets behind those with passion
and ignites a spark that spreads like wildfire.

Telling myself that maybe someday,
my life would settle down a bit 
and that pursuing a dream like this would be possible.

And then it happened.
One random day,
I had been ruminating with a friend about how the Lord wants to love us.
But, we first need to be willing to receive.
To risk.
To do what seems otherwise senseless.
He says, "Open wide your mouth and I will fill it."
But, He also says that when we refuse to follow His lead by listening to His call,
that we do not receive the full blessing that He so longs to give us.

How can he feed us if we have our lips sealed tight?

I sparred with Him one day while journaling,
"where am I NOT listening Lord?!"
I felt that I was all ears, waiting on Him to guide my steps
in my very difficult marriage and in raising my daughter virtually on my own. 

And then comes the answer.
{Yes, sometimes God does speak to us.}

I have been pushing you gently in the direction of Noonday
for months now.

Uh, what?
Par done moi?
You mean that's where I haven't been listening?!
Signing up to tell the story of Noonday is what obedience 
looks like for me right now?
It took a little while to wrap my head around that one...

But I did.
And I accepted Noonday as a part of my calling.

I am beyond thrilled to dive in to this adventure with Noonday.
I was made for Noonday.
To spread the story.
To share the love.
Because He said so.
And I believe Him.  

Thanks for taking the time to read about this adventure.
I look forward to any opportunity to share Noonday with you.

-Melonie :)

"When you meet the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the Noonday."
Isaiah 58:10

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