Monday, March 31, 2014

No Sorrow, Y'all.

So, once upon a time,
I went to Austin for a conference.
Arriving there, I really had no idea what to expect
other than trendily dressed and badassly accessorized kindred spirits 
with a shared heart for orphans and widows.

I hadn't yet even viewed the itinerary, having been so crazy busy
with the starting of a new job as a professor (a what?  me?) 
and having re-entered the world of dating after a 10 year hiatus. 
(Could you please pass a Xanax?)

Did I mention that I have a little person that needs fed, watered, 
and has at least 100 questions for me every day about how the world works
and what my favorite color would be if it in fact were not blue?  
So, yeah.  I'm brain dead most of the time.  

Let me take a moment here to give a shout out to my travel companion extraordinaire, Breck,
who ensured that I had a place to lay my head, transportation, 
and a general sense of what in the heck was going on.  (Kisses to you, Brecky.)

(Travel buddy, Savage Race companion, and fellow Noonday Sister, the Breckster.)
I hadn't prayed about the trip, my hopes or expectations, etc. 
This is par for the course of my haphazard believerdom. 
Those of you that know me are aware that I am a hot or at least lukewarm mess
at least 90% of the time. 
Hands too full, not totally sure what's happening next, 
and likely to drop the occasional ball or two of the 17 that I'm juggling. 

Enter Jalia. 
Jalia was our speaker for the first night of conference.

(I got to hug on the amazingly inspiring Jalia Muwanga, artisan rock star.)

She is the lovely Ugandan women who co-founded our first ever artisan group. 
During her time, she shared her amazing story of redemption...
how she and her family have gone from having no house, no job, no money, and no hope
to overseeing a successful fair trade business 
employing and empowering over 300 people in just 3 years.  

Hearing this made my heart sing. 
Made me so excited and thankful to be a teeny tiny part of Noonday's mission. 
If things had stopped there, my weekend would be complete. 
(As soon as Jen Hatmaker and I were bff's the next day after she spoke.)

(Me and my BFF, Jen Hatmaker, my earthly comedic hero and fellow professed hot mess.

Jalia shared more about her life and her family. 
She shared the name of her children and told us a little story about her son's middle name, 
"Mukisa." (mue-key-sah)

In her native language, this beautiful word means.
"The blessing of God adds no sorrow." 

Hold the phone. 
This experience had just gotten even more profound....

Many years ago, a very influential person in my life had done a sort of prophesy over me
(sounds wasn't) 
and called me "a woman of sorrows." 
As awful as that may sound and as much as I kind of hated her face for pronouncing that, 
it was very appropriate for that stage of my life. 

There was so much stored up grief from years past. 
And there was SO MUCH DEATH that was about to occur around me. 
Death of my Pappy, the man that had raised me and had been my father figure. 
Death of my marriage.
Death of my dreams of the kind of life that deserved
those goofy mom, dad, 3.5 kids and dog stickers 
that people plaster on the back of their SUV's. 
Death of my church family. 
Death of one of my most intimate friendships.

I hated that name and was ill equipped to deal with the reality of it. 
I much preferred to put a smile on my face, crack a joke (or ten), 
and move on to the next happy thought I could scramble to create.

Lord knows I spent the next 7 years sorrowing. 
Simultaneously hating but believing that this name was in fact my name. 

Woman of Sorrows, reporting for duty. 

But then it hit me!  Like a cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae.
Like the bright shiny beam of the Noonday sun.
Right smack in the middle of nowhere Texas. 
Jalia spoke and the clouds parted...


The blessing of God adds NO SORROW. 

That stupid, awful truth was NOT A LIFELONG CURSE. 
After years of burden and oppression, 
in a split second and with one simple word, 
that awful hold on me was broken. 


To make it even more warm and fuzzy, 
Jalia then busted out in a song of the same name. 
Singing what felt like a foreign language lullaby straight from the mouth of an angel. 
Call me crazy, but I swear Jesus was singing, folks. 

It took all that I had not to run up to Jalia, 
crawl up in her lap, and beg for her to sing the lullaby again.

The most beautiful part of this experience was that all that I had to do was show up. 
Completely unprepared, bedraggled hot mess of a single Momma, 
awkward date, and nutty professor who just happens to be passionate 
about the cause of the widow and orphan.

My point? 

Jesus is bigger than our sorrow.
Jesus is bigger than our planning. 
Or lack thereof...
Jesus is in the business of taking ashes, rubble, and tears
and turning them in to a perfect picture of His goodness and peace.

He is perfectly capable of showing up for us every day.
In just the way that you need Him.
And then the next day again even bigger and better.
And sometimes he's even sweet enough to do it when we didn't ask
or weren't even aware of how we needed Him. 

This is true for Jalia and the now 300+ members of African Style. 
This is true for little old me. 
And this is true for YOU. 

At the risk of sounding all Bible beater crazy person
and scaring off of decent portion of all of you readers,
please know that I am a normal,
very down-to-earth kind of girl. 
I cuss more than I should.
I drink wine and beer and even occasionally too much of it. 
I frequently am not content with the riches that I have been given.
I take things for granted.
Sometimes I even want to commit murder.
So, let it be said that I sin. 

But that's not too much for God. 
He loves me. 
He delights in me.
And my haphazard hot-messness. 
And he delights in you, too.

Sending you good vibrations of that blessed wholeness, acceptance, and love,
dear readers.
ANYTHING can be overcome.
Just believe.


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And thanks for tuning in.
Happy day everyone. :) 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Noonday Sample Sale of Giant Proportions, Y'all!

In case you haven't heard yet,
our spring line for Noonday Collection 

I have personally feasted my eyes on this entire collection
and people get ready.  
It's our most amazing line yet. 

To make room and to raise funds to purchase this up and coming loveliness,
it's time for the BIANNUAL SAMPLE SALE!!!

I am continuing to offer discounted prices for my awesome hostesses...
without you, the Noonday love would not be spread all over the place.
THIS TIME, I am offering the added discount to past hostesses AND
to any of you that book a trunk show between now and March 31st.

1.) Below you will see each item up for grabs 
with the standard sample sale price and the special hostess price.
(Clicking on the item name will link you to the website
and provide more photos, and details about each item and the artisan group that makes it.
If there is no hyperlink,
it's because the item is sold out and no longer viewable on our website. )

2.) The first person to send me an email to 
regarding the item of their dreams gets dibs.
(Include your mailing address on the email as well please if you aren't local.
I'll add $3 for shipping if it needs to be sent to you.)

3.) I will send you an invoice on Paypal or you can drop a check in the mail. 
(You'll have 48 hours to submit payment).

4.) You've just scored yourself some new Noonday.  Woohoo!!

So with no further's the loot!  

Originally $42
Now $25
Hostess with the Mostest $21

2.) Floating Squares Earrings
Originally $42
Now $18
Hostess with the Mostest $15

Originally $38
Now $32
Hostess with the Mostest $26
(My sample most resembles the bottom clutch.
If you want me to text you a photo of mine, just shoot me a message!)

4.) SOLD
Zig Zag Gourd Bracelet 
Originally $24
Now $10 
Hostess with the Mostest $6

5.) Shalom Necklace
Originally $52
Now $38
Hostess with the Mostest $32

6.) Ana's Scarf
Originally $64
Now $48
Hostess with the Mostest $42
This lovely scarf is now sold for Noonday exclusively through TOMS! 
If you aren't the lucky winner of this piece, 
you can still purchase it at the regular price over here at the Tom's Marketplace.

Originally $32
Now $16
Hostess with the Mostest $12

8.) Kakobe Kite Earrings
Originally $38
Now $28
Hostess with the Mostest $22

Originally $26
Now $17
Hostess with the Mostest $14

Originally $48
Now $40
Hostess with the Mostest $34

11.) Fiesta Journal
Originally $22
Now $18
Hostess with the Mostest $14

Originally $62 
Now $50
Hostess with the Mostest $40

13.) Escalera Bracelet 
Originally $36
Now $22
Hostess with the Mostest $16
Originally $39
Now $30
Hostess with the Mostest $22

Originally $78
Now $50
Hostess with the Mostest $40

17.) Winking Ikat Scarf
Originally $58
Now $42
Hostess with the Mostest $35 

18.) It's Cozy (Drink Wrap)
Originally $24
Now $14
Hostesses with the Mostesses Price $8

Originally $38
Now $32
Hostess with the Mostest $26

20.) Ancient Ways Necklace
Originally $62
Now $45
Hostest with the Mostest $38

21.) SOLD
Siagon Color-Dipped Bangle
Originally $12
Now $9
Hostess with the Mostest $7
(Mine is a little more tortoise shelly if you will. 
I'd be glad to text a photo if you'd like.)

22.) SOLD
Sweet Silver Studs 
Originally $26
Now $18
Hostess with the Mostest $15

23.) Jones Design Journal 
Originally $22
Now $18
Hostess with the Mostest $15

24.) Sun Disc Earrings (in Rose Gold)
Originally $38
Now $32
Hostess with the Mostest $26
(These beauties are pictured in bronze.  My samples are rose gold.)

25.) Metallic Pearls Bracelet 
Originally $64
Now $50
Hostess with the Mostest $42

Originally $52
Now $44
Hostess with the Mostest $35

Originally $45
Now $36
Hostess with the Mostest $32

Originally $56
Now $44
Hostess with the Mostest $36

29.) Sseko Teal Laces 
Originally $10
Now $8
Hostess with the Mostest $6

30.) Eyelet Arm Warmers
Originally $38
Now $22
Hostesses with the Mostesses Price $16

31.) SOLD
  Anastasia's Wristlet
Originally $22
Now $14
Hostess with the Mostest $10

32.) Ruth Necklace 
Originally $56
Hostess with the Mostest $38

33.) Dancing Pom Scarf
Originally $38
Now $30
Hostess with the Mostest $24

34.) Cozy Knitted Bangle
Originally $30
Now $18
Hostesses with the Mostess $12

35.) SOLD
Wanderlust Necklace
Originally $65
Now $38
Hostess with the Mostest $32

There you have it.  Happy shopping folks!  And thanks so much 
for your continued support of Noonday Collection.  

*My little disclaimer:
Samples are sold as is.  They are either in brand new condition or very gently used. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now Booking Holiday Photo Shoots!!!

This here's a message for those of you local to the Orlando area. 
It's that time of year again!  
Family photo shoot time.  
Think of happy Grammy will be to get a picture card of your sweet family 
as she munches on gingerbread cookies in Arizona. 
Or how delighted Uncle Fred will be to see how much Susie and Johnny have grown!

Space and time are limited, so don't be a slacker (like me).  
Schedule your session now by emailing me at  

Monday, September 30, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!



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Thanks for playing everyone.  
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Can you believe that TOMORROW it's October already?!  
Santa will be here before we know it...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are You A Noonday Skeptic?

Welcome, everyone!
Today is my day on the 
Annual Noonday Blog Train Giveaway!!

Today I'd like to take a moment to talk about

Social Selling and Skepticism. 

I know, y'all are ready to die of excitement. 
Stop jumping up and down. 
It's hard to read like that... 
But no, really. 
Let's talk. 

{If you stay with me, I'll even reward you with a chance to win


Being a part of Noonday has been such a joy in my life.
But, it doesn't come without the occasional challenge of skeptical thinking
that minimizes the impact and hope of what an unintended but genius concept can accomplish.  

It's natural with all of the awful stuff that goes on in the world to have some reservations.
We all hear awful stories in the news about how people are taken advantage of,
and it's even hard sometimes to trust that those professing to be doing good

So, why do us Noonday girls even bother 
with posting about our new fall line,
inviting you to Trunk Shows or blogging about our roles 
as ambassadors or heaven have mercy,
ask you if you'd be willing 
to partner with us to host a Trunk Show?  
Glad you asked! 

Because it matters!  It makes a difference!  
Real people's lives are being redefined.

{People like David have gone from homeless to believing again in their dignity
and having the means to make a home.}
Let me backup and give a little history for you...

Noonday Collection started off three years ago 
when a girl named Jessica
was presented with an opportunity to raise money 
for her adoption by selling off inventory of fair-trade goods.
This simple act turned in to something that 
God has been able to use for immense good:

Noonday has grown in to a social selling business 
that is able to flourish in the world of girl-time get-togethers, facebook, blogs, pinterest, and instagram, 
And some people really love TRIUMPHANT FASHION. 
(ie. fair trade, make a difference kind of stuff).

Currently, there are over 300 women in the US and even abroad 
that are spreading the Noonday story
and helping to provide and fair and living wage for the dignified work of our talented artisans.
A good portion of them are Mommas raising money 
to bring home children they have never met,
making the orphan count in this world approximately 147 million MINUS ONE.

Sharing our story with people like you is how our artisans 
have gone from having basically nothing 
to having the means for building their own homes, 
sending their children (or themselves) to school, 
& affording medication that sustains life.  
And that's just an overview of the general impact,
nevermind the personal stories of triumph and hope 
that we are often privileged to hear about  as ambassadors. 

We are not a multi-level marketing company, 
which means that while Ambassadors receive 
a modest supplemental income 
from promoting Noonday to the western world, 
we are not getting rich by exploiting 
the beautiful people that create our goods.

In fact, dare I say that my bet is that most of us 
(if not all of us) would be an Ambassador 
if time and provision allowed and there was 
NO compensation involved. 
It's just that awesome of gig.

Another really awesome {but potentially skeptic-inducing} 
feature of how Noonday works 
 is that we provide amazing incentives to our hostesses.
You, as a hostess, help us to reach out to your networks 
and share our mission of fair trade fashion and orphan love.
The powers-that-be at the home office have 
created a fantastic means 
for allowing you to be gifted with free Noonday.

How is this benefitting the artisan, you say?
Well, you are now sporting some 
of the most beautiful accessories around.
And guess what happens then?
People at the grocery store are all "Omg!  I love your necklace!  Where did you get it?!"
Noonday, you say.  And they ask how to find it.  
And they buy their entire Christmas list from our online store.
And the Noonday love continues to spread.
And that, my friends, is the beauty and truth of how social selling can help to change the world. 

*If you are interested in sharing Noonday with your friends, 
email me at 


Okay, friends.

It's now time for the


Up for grabs today is the Brightly Wound Bracelet (in coral):

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Winner will be picked on Monday, September 30th
May the best Noonday fan win!

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