Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are You A Noonday Skeptic?

Welcome, everyone!
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Today I'd like to take a moment to talk about

Social Selling and Skepticism. 

I know, y'all are ready to die of excitement. 
Stop jumping up and down. 
It's hard to read like that... 
But no, really. 
Let's talk. 

{If you stay with me, I'll even reward you with a chance to win


Being a part of Noonday has been such a joy in my life.
But, it doesn't come without the occasional challenge of skeptical thinking
that minimizes the impact and hope of what an unintended but genius concept can accomplish.  

It's natural with all of the awful stuff that goes on in the world to have some reservations.
We all hear awful stories in the news about how people are taken advantage of,
and it's even hard sometimes to trust that those professing to be doing good

So, why do us Noonday girls even bother 
with posting about our new fall line,
inviting you to Trunk Shows or blogging about our roles 
as ambassadors or heaven have mercy,
ask you if you'd be willing 
to partner with us to host a Trunk Show?  
Glad you asked! 

Because it matters!  It makes a difference!  
Real people's lives are being redefined.

{People like David have gone from homeless to believing again in their dignity
and having the means to make a home.}
Let me backup and give a little history for you...

Noonday Collection started off three years ago 
when a girl named Jessica
was presented with an opportunity to raise money 
for her adoption by selling off inventory of fair-trade goods.
This simple act turned in to something that 
God has been able to use for immense good:

Noonday has grown in to a social selling business 
that is able to flourish in the world of girl-time get-togethers, facebook, blogs, pinterest, and instagram, 
And some people really love TRIUMPHANT FASHION. 
(ie. fair trade, make a difference kind of stuff).

Currently, there are over 300 women in the US and even abroad 
that are spreading the Noonday story
and helping to provide and fair and living wage for the dignified work of our talented artisans.
A good portion of them are Mommas raising money 
to bring home children they have never met,
making the orphan count in this world approximately 147 million MINUS ONE.

Sharing our story with people like you is how our artisans 
have gone from having basically nothing 
to having the means for building their own homes, 
sending their children (or themselves) to school, 
& affording medication that sustains life.  
And that's just an overview of the general impact,
nevermind the personal stories of triumph and hope 
that we are often privileged to hear about  as ambassadors. 

We are not a multi-level marketing company, 
which means that while Ambassadors receive 
a modest supplemental income 
from promoting Noonday to the western world, 
we are not getting rich by exploiting 
the beautiful people that create our goods.

In fact, dare I say that my bet is that most of us 
(if not all of us) would be an Ambassador 
if time and provision allowed and there was 
NO compensation involved. 
It's just that awesome of gig.

Another really awesome {but potentially skeptic-inducing} 
feature of how Noonday works 
 is that we provide amazing incentives to our hostesses.
You, as a hostess, help us to reach out to your networks 
and share our mission of fair trade fashion and orphan love.
The powers-that-be at the home office have 
created a fantastic means 
for allowing you to be gifted with free Noonday.

How is this benefitting the artisan, you say?
Well, you are now sporting some 
of the most beautiful accessories around.
And guess what happens then?
People at the grocery store are all "Omg!  I love your necklace!  Where did you get it?!"
Noonday, you say.  And they ask how to find it.  
And they buy their entire Christmas list from our online store.
And the Noonday love continues to spread.
And that, my friends, is the beauty and truth of how social selling can help to change the world. 

*If you are interested in sharing Noonday with your friends, 
email me at 


Okay, friends.

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  17. Great post Melonie! It was fun to read and I like how you explained how we ambs are not getting rich (um, can we say all of our money just goes back into buying more Noonday?) and how compliments on the beautiful jewelry raises more awareness. Bravo!

  18. Can you tell me what percentage of sales profits goes to benefit the women who produce the merchandise? I've looked at quite a few sites and can't seem to find this information, which seems to be is a very important statistic for those of us who would love NOT to be skeptics. Thank you for trying to find this out for me.

    1. Did you ever get an answer? I am looking into the same thing...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I've also been wondering this as I'd like to get some presents for my family from Noonday, but would like to know what kind of wages the artisans are being paid.